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9 out of 10!

I bought the jet-black bathroom downlights last Saturday on the 21st of April. This review is my personal perspective of how the quality of the product was, the shipping, the installation process, the prize and whether or not I would recommend this for others. So if you are looking to buy the same or a similar product, then here is my personal review of the experience.
The first thing I have to mention is that everything you buy on this website has free shipping. Which was absolutely fantastic. I will mention though that the shipping took two days longer than predicted. If this was a one-time thing or not I’m not sure of. However, THE QUALITY IS SUPERB!
What you see on the website is exactly what you get. The product was smooth and clean just like in the pictures. It was relatively easy to mount as well. Putting it on the wall was just like a breath of fresh air. I have had zero problems with the led reading lamp so far. The bedroom looks great with these lights and it was fantastically easy to maneuver the snakehead.
The prize for some may seem too steep but would like to remind you that the quality is unbeatable and you get free shipping. This makes the product in my eyes a super deal since the fundamentals of this product is on top. As an added bonus you can return it for free.
If you for some mysterious reason don’t like the product then you can return it for free. It gives every buyer a chance to refund if they so wish. That again gives you a sort of guarantee which I thought was really nice.
Just at the end, I would like to add that the process of buying the product itself was very simple. That was truly a blessing. I have been on other sites trying to buy stuff and it was quite difficult at times, but I had no problems here.
It was exactly what I was looking for. It was high quality, free shipping, Very easy to mount and the prize for the product was fair. I couldn’t have been more happy with the product. Which is why I will give 9 out of 10! I will definitely recommend this to friends and family if they are looking to buy led lamps them selfs. Thank you Ultra Beam Lighting!