The Cash Monkey Visitor Review

Did you ever have something you wanted to be rid of quickly, trade it in for cash? For example gold or diamond jewellery, maybe even a car or a boat? This problem of having things, but not being able to access monetary funds in time is an issue which Cash Monkey solves for you.
Cash Monkey Long Eaton, a Pawnbroker In Derby deals with all manner of loose items. Going from technology to jewellery all the way to luxurious yachts. They claim to be a one-stop store, where you can find almost anything you want to buy, and with the friendly staff that’ll make the process even easier. Most importantly, they say they’ll let no hidden charge get onto your account.
User reviews, both on their Facebook and on their website agree that the Notthingham Pawnbroker indeed doesn’t add on any extra cost on top of the prices listed in their stores. However, selling and buying aren’t the only two services offered by Cash monkey.
Pawning services, which in case you need some money fast, you can access immediately, and pawn your goods for up to 28 days during which you can buy them back.

Another thing they offer is cheque cashing, which in case you need to quickly cash in a cheque, without waiting for a long time within bank queues Cash Monkey will cash in your cheque for a low commission price. The only things you’ll need is an ID, for them to check it and compare to their record, a cheque, and a proof of your address. This is so they can ensure your identity, and enable you to exit their premises with your money within a few minutes.
The last two services you’re able to obtain at Cash Monkey are car sales and currency exchanges.
The car sale section states that you’ll be able to buy a used car, meeting the specific needs and requirements you tell them. There is indeed quite a large selection, with most of the cars being low to middle end. Despite this, the cars are in amazing condition, as Cash Monkey forces the sellers to keep their cars in excellent condition, as well as not allowing the sale of cars with any malfunctioning, or broken parts.
The currency exchange has its pros and cons over a bank. Obviously, the first significant perk of using Cash Monkey is that you’ll have to wait for much less, in addition to this, they offer a lot lower commissions than a lot of UK-based banks. However, while they do offer many currencies, a bank covers a much broader range of nations, hence while Cash Monkey will do if you’re travelling into the EU or US, you might still want to check the bank for that Venezuela trip.
Besides this, Cash Monkey has an alright but not amazing amount of items in its inventory, sitting at only 260 products offered.
Despite this, we would recommend Cash Monkey, as it is a growing business and has extremely competitive prices compared worldwide.